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The accelerating pace of digitization and robotizing is bringing about a situation where at one hand the European Union is going to lack 500 000 specialists with digital skills by 2020, and on the other hand, it is predicted that by 2030 more than 47% of jobs available today will be done by robots.
A Robotics Training in Ida-Viru Enterprise Centre
The development of technology is creating a situation that in a few years will see the change of the nature of existing jobs, and also emerging new kind of jobs that have not existed before. There are no business fields that would remain untouched by the spread of new technologies. For example, even following conservative sectors of business are going to implement robotics in the coming years: the hotels are going to use smart house technologies, including various sensors, programmable behaviour (lights, door keys, heating, etc); food & beverage will see automatization in production but also in sales/purchase, and also marketing (increased use of digital marketing tools, including pre-programmable website-customer interaction for getting better conversion rates); tourism will have also various challenges – for example self driving cars and buses for tourist use, programmable information booths, social tourist assisting robots, etc.
We can not produce any job descriptions for these new jobs but we can, however, predict the new skill set that adult people will need to acquire while working their existing job for the purpose of becoming ready for cooperation with smaller robots.

Robotics education

Robotics, especially educational robotics, including programming, is one of the best ways of preparing people for attaining technological literature skills that are needed for successful work tomorrow. Preference for educational robotics is based on following: all robots are very different of each other but they use similar principles. It is not reasonable, and in some cases not practically possible, to teach certain robots – instead the principles of robotics (sensor – algorithm/programming – actuator) need to be taught. 
A Robotics Training in Technopol, Tallinn
Today the educational robotics kits are well used for preparing children and university students for introducing 21st-century skills, including STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) skills. These kits are however suitable for introducing adults to the training of future competencies in a form of short workshops built on the principles of constructivist learning (learning by doing). 
One of the important main functions of every management either profit or non-profit is the continuous improvement of employees and the development of sustainable future strategies. Taking the above into consideration, also the management level has to be given the general information about the potential of robotics and programming that are an important part of 21st-century digital literacy skill set.


Future Robotics LLC has developed a format of modular 2-6 hour robotics workshop for developing a necessary mindset, and giving a hand on experience of building and programming robots. 
A VR Training in Technopol, Tallinn

The goal of the training is to reduce or to get rid off the fear or uncomfortability that people might have towards robots/programming or towards the future where many processes are handled by robots/robotic systems. As most of the people have no deep knowledge about modern technologies (mostly because they are preoccupied with their everyday work), then it is understandable that people might be biased towards anything related to robotics in their workplace. One of the goals of the training is to cultivate positive approach towards technologies and therefore to increase the competitive advantage of the companies the people are working in. Even short exposure to learning robotics, including sensors and the principles of programming, will create confidence for important knowledge-workers in the relation of managing the future needs.

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